Behind the scenes of heliport operations: Q&A with Glenn Curtis, Director at Elite Helicopters

Behind the scenes of heliport operations: Q&A with Glenn Curtis, Director at Elite Helicopters

Glenn Curtis, Director, Elite Helicopters

eliteThis year Elite Helicopters, one of the UK’s leading major helicopter operators, will return to operate the Helitech International airport at our event in Amsterdam. So what goes on behind the scenes before, during and after the event to ensure the heliport runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible throughout the show?

We spoke with Director, Glenn Curtis, to drill down into the details and find out exactly how the process works.

NM:How much preparation takes place before the show?

GC: Whilst the exhibition itself is open to visitors for three days our involvement is much greater. There is a lot of work undertaken prior to the event with planning meetings involving Amsterdam City Airport, NATS and of course the Helitech International team. We also have to make arrangements well in advance for the flight routes and pilot briefing notes, fuelling services, fire and rescue cover, crew resources and of course a lot of administration planning for the aircraft movements in conjunction with exhibitors and manufacturers.

This all takes place in the weeks running up to the show. When it’s time for the event we arrive on site four days before the exhibition opens and work to a well-structured programme.

NM: In terms of set-up, what do you require from exhibitors that are running demonstration flights?

GC: We work closely with the exhibitors to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Ideally we receive information in advance outlining the aircraft type, registration and pilot details so we can arrange to have a discussion with the pilot prior to the event kicking off. Once we have all this information it’s much simpler for us to coordinate and accommodate any specific requirements.

NM: How do you manage everything during the show?

GC: During the exhibition we are kept busy coordinating and overseeing the demonstration flights undertaken by the manufacturers. We have a team of trained and experienced marshals, ground handlers and passenger reception staff on hand to liaise with exhibitors throughout the show and make sure the flights run slickly to show the rotorcraft off to its full potential.

NM: What do you consider to be the biggest benefit of offering demonstration flights?

GC: The opportunity to schedule flights with prospects doesn’t come around very often and the chance to do it on a stage like Helitech International should not be wasted. We take care of all of the logistical elements, so exhibitors can focus on the customer and ultimately securing new business.

Elite Helicopters

About Elite Helicopters

Established in 1995, Elite Helicopters has grown to be one of the leading major helicopter operators in the UK. Providing a professional service in all elements of helicopter activity from trial lessons through to corporate management of aircraft, Elite works closely with Helitech International every year to provide and run a heliport at the event.

Demonstration Flights

If you are exhibiting at Helitech International and would be interested in conducting a demonstration flight at the show please contact a member of the team.

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